Traveling during COVID-19

How dare she write a travel article when we are in the middle of COVID-19? I see a few rays of sun; it seems that the deconfinement is starting to make more and more room and that the beautiful days return. I just wonder how the travels will be post-COVID-19, I am very interested because as much as I work from home, stay busy reading, watching movies / series, I even start gardening, I still go around in circles and I miss my passion for traveling. Not you?

1. Travel differently

It is true that for some taking the plane seems to be risky because we go through the airport, we meet people, we touch things around and the risk of contamination may still be present. There are therefore several other options:

  • By car: what about a road trip? We can even do with others (with respect of maximum people) and share the cost of gas and expenses. The sun is coming back, the weather is nice, hair blowing in the wind, nothing like a short getaway to another city or region and even discover places you have never visited in the area. This can be a great option to see something else and re-energize in a place other than the house.


  • On a motorbike: personally, I don’t do it, but I find it cool to do a road trip on a motorbike too, the feeling must be different. In addition, the mask comes with the helmet and even the gloves. Bikers have always known how to protect themselves 😊 There are surely very beautiful roads to explore by motorbike. In any case, I would do it!


  • By bike: a little bike ride in the surroundings would not hurt, unless you want to do the Tour de France. I discovered some really efficient and comfortable road bikes that make me want to have one as efficient, it was light and fast in a pedal stroke. I just have a city bike, but the idea of ​​exploring beautiful and long roads in an area would appeal to me. Plus, it makes you exercise at the same time.


  • By boat: we will avoid cruise ships, but rather for those who have their own boat or small even small one. We have one by the lake, well for sure we can’t go very far and going around the lake is fast, but it escapes me a few times after working from home the whole day. Being on the water if you can’t be in the air can make a difference, especially when the weather is good.

2. Traveling by plane?

The tourism and aviation industry have been greatly affected by COVID-19. What measures have been taken? In our daily lives, we had to take health precautions to protect ourselves, at the expense of the economy because health comes first. These precautions may remain for a while and may even be present on planes, airports and public places. At the moment, it is possible to travel only within the country itself, international flights are not yet open (with some exceptions). Here are some new rules to avoid contact between passengers and staff for some companies:

– Service on board: meals are pre-packaged for any flight longer than two hours. Pillows and blankets are no longer available on some flights, but others may be able to offer them and are removed after each flight. To verify with the airline company.

– Lounges: airport lounges are temporarily closed. For those with a credit card or loyalty program subscription, some offer an extension or suspension of approximately six months, you should inquire with your membership company.

– Duty-free shop: for now some or all duty-free shops are closed until further notice. Try to remember buying any food or products outside the airport and having a snack on the plane.

– Boarding and check-in: boarding can be done earlier than usual. At check-in counters, there is a continuous cleaning of the surfaces, we could have a few questions about our state of health and a mask is mandatory for employees and passengers. Your temperature could also be taken. Ground markings that must be respected to maintain a safe distance in the queue.


– Health safety on board: during the flight, there would be a distance between the passengers, so surely an empty seat or two between each passenger. In addition, kits with mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, wipes and water bottle will be available.


Of course, all planes will have to be thoroughly disinfected before boarding passengers. So, are these measures sufficient? Will passengers be more reassured? One thing is certain: no one remains indifferent to this pandemic and that precautions are necessary to deal with it, some will wait for a vaccine before going on a trip, others will not. Stop traveling is personally not my option but making changes and adapting to it is one of them.

And you, are you ready to go back on the roads or in the air?

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