A cycling tour in Florida

Want an original activity this weekend in Florida? No, I was not talking about golf but rather a nice bike ride in West Palm Beach! This is what we did this weekend and I highly recommend it. Well, if you like to do in a tropical scenery!

Florida is well known for its beautiful beaches, palm trees, fresh orange juice, golf courses, tropical temperatures, the city of Miami, Orlando and its famous Disney World and many more. This state of the sun (Sunshine State) also offers a lot of activities accessible to all, one of which was this lovely bike ride in the West Palm Beach area!

It is in January, running away from the cold winter of Canada that we land at the Fort Lauderdale airport. From winter coat and boots to t-shirts and sandals, we were ready to make this weekend a moment of relaxation, lot of laughter and entertaining activities. My boyfriend’s parents have this lovely home in the town of Deerfield Beach, in the north of Fort Lauderdale. We feel good and relaxed like on vacation, so we take this moment as ephemeral but so memorable. It was my first visit in this state and I already have it in my heart, not only for its tropical scenery but also because of my in-laws.

What path did we take?

To get to West Palm Beach which is a little further north of Deerfield Beach, we took the train and we could tell that they are used to cyclists over there, since they have bicycle storage in the train. Very convenient for our trip!

Rocco’s Tacos

Arriving at the station we took Clematis Street, a charming street with lots of restaurants, bars, cafes and even a small market on Saturdays that sold accessories, clothes, paintings. This street was perfect to discover the area before starting our bike ride. We were a bit hungry, so we stopped at the Rocco’s Tacos restaurant. It is an absolutely delicious Mexican restaurant chain with fresh guacamole made in front of you. My little crush was the unlimited mimosa! Nothing more refreshing for our trip, but in moderation at the risk of not biking straight.


IMG_5413It is at the end of this street that we started our tour without really knowing which route to take. We are at the water’s edge on Flagler Drive biking alongside huge yachts and boats, wind-blown hair, sunglasses and smiling at each other under a perfect temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, here we are “on the road again” with my faithful travel partner. Not the bike but my boyfriend ;-)



IMG_5433Palm Beach
– we passed the Flagler Memorial Bridge and joined the island of Palm Beach to drive along the west coast of the island to the north. We discovered a bike trail filled with big houses all very luxurious. To our left we had sea views and to our right the spectacular houses and lawns. It was like Edward Scissorhands (very good movie for that matter) had taken care of their perfectly cut trees.

IMG_5458We stopped at the top of the island to rest, watch the boats and cool off. A well-deserved break! On our way back, we biked along the east coast overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to stop on the beach. For seeing the beach at Deerfield Beach, Palm Beach and Miami Beach, Deerfield Beach had a thinner sand and Miami Beach a more beautiful water with turquoise reflections (especially South Beach), in any case there are all kinds for all tastes!


A nice and pleasant activity that can be done either alone, with friends or as a couple. As a result we traveled 40 km, perfect to stay fit!

What about you, how do you visit a city ?

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