3 days on the island of Milos in Greece: Top 10 things to see

We had a big crush for the island of Milos, one of the Greek islands of the Cyclades which, for me was a great discovery, with nature and adventure, we went to explore it and here are the treasures we have found:

1. Adamas

We arrived on the island of Milos by ferry after visiting the beautiful island of Santorini, it took us about three hours. I think the best website to use with all the ferries available was Direct Ferries because it is clear and simple with information from all the companies (like Seajets, Blue Star Ferries , Golden Star, etc.). We had no problems with the ferries during our stay between the islands, no delays, or cancellations. We went late September/early October.

Arrived at the port of Adamas, we just walked to reach our hotel near the port. We stayed at the Eleni hotel and I highly recommend it because of Eleni’s kindness and her good advice! It is located a few minutes walk from Lagada beach, it is very quiet and relaxing. We would sit on the sofas all along the beach to listen to the sound of the waves.

On the island we traveled by car. We could have rented a quad, as we did in Santorini, but the nights were cooler with more wind towards the end of September, so we opted for the comfort of a car. We rented with Tourlakis Rent-a-Car which is very close to the port and very convenient for catching the ferry afterwards. For 2 days, it cost us 100€ with gas. We had good service and the prices are similar to other companies on the island.

2. Sarakiniko

What to say about Sarakiniko beach, except that I had never seen such a place. It’s like being on another planet with its long white rocks eroded by time and salt water. The contrast of these rocks with the water of the sea makes it an impressive and unforgettable landscape. You have the choice between venturing between the rocks, bathing in the water or relaxing in this lunar atmosphere.

By car or quad, there is always free parking before going to the beach, which is only a few steps away.

3. Fyropotamos

Not far from Sarakiniko, you have the beach of Fyropotamos with a very peaceful sea, it could be private, giving a view on small white houses which used to be a small fishing port. Now they look like residences, and there’s always a small chapel in the background.

Fyropotamos, Milos

4. Mandrakia

A charming fishing port that is worth the detour. The port has very nice colors, you will definitely take lots of photos. We had a little craving after our swim in Fyropotamos and Mandrakia was nearby. There is this very famous restaurant called Medusa that I highly recommend, it offers excellent seafood dishes with a view on the water! You can’t go wrong.

Medusa restaurant in Mandrakia

5. Klima

Klima is a fishing village with the particularity of small houses at the bottom of a cliff, with doors painted in different colors all as bright as each other. These houses are also called the Syrmata of Milos. They have two floors with the bottom as a garage door for the boat and the top as a residence. We also saw cabins that looked like they were rented out by tourists. The sunset over the water makes it all its charm, we loved this enchanting atmospher where time stands still on these vibrant colors. Beautiful!

6. Pollonia

Pollonia is a village with more animation since most of the hotels, taverns, restaurants and bars are there. There is also a port, but smaller than Adamas, the only ferry that goes there is the one that goes to Kimolos, the island which is just opposite. We stopped in Pollonia to take advantage of the white sand beach. As the beach is very close to taverns and restaurants, you can take a few steps and grab something to eat or drink.

7. Platka

Platka is the capital of Milos, which makes it the main village of the island. You will fall under the charm of its small streets taking you back in time. We ventured between its alleys to climb to the highest point where the Church of the Virgin Mary is located, but also the Kastro castle and where the view overlooking the island is breathtaking. It is a must visit place if you are in Milos because the sunset over the Aegean Sea is simply stunning.

8. Paliochori

Paliochori beach has several particularities: it is surrounded by cliffs of various colors formed from volcanic rocks. The water is impressive for its clarity and cleanliness. The beach is very large so you will always find a place. However, there is no tree to protect you from the sun, the sand can be very hot, plan a parasol or rent a deckchair. It is in the south of the island of Milos, when there are winds often coming from the north, the northern beaches will have more currents and will be less pleasant for swimming, but those in the south are much calmer.

Paliochori beach, Milos

9. Tsigrado

To reach Tsigrado beach, you will have to go down with a ladder in a narrow passage of rocks with a rope to help you. It is a small beach with very beautiful sparkling blue water. You can also get there by boat if rock climbing isn’t your thing.

10. Firiplaka

As Tsigrado beach is smaller and fills up faster, you can always go to Firiplaka beach which is right next to it, it is bigger with turquoise and shallow water, the cliffs all around are just as colorful. Its characteristic is the rock halfway along the bay, in the hollow of it you will find a natural arch where you can swim in it as if you were in a cave.

Firiplaka, Milos

Finally, there are other places on the island of Milos that we could not see, but maybe one day we will return to discover more. The landscapes we saw were exceptional, we took the time to take the time and enjoy every moment. Do not hesitate to also share your big crushes with me, I will be happy to read them.

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