3 days in Costa Rica: Guanacaste

This article will look different from regular adventurous travel blog posts, in backpack or a road trip in RV like our last trip to California.

This time, we went to Central America, specifically to Costa Rica, it was indeed a trip quite opposite to the backpack, since we were in an all-inclusive hotel called the Riu Palace, and as the name says it, this hotel or rather this palace allowed us to take a few days (3 days) of rest in the sun.

Lobby’s view from the Riu Palace

I just wanted to write it to keep a very nice memory. Pictures, we certainly have, but writing on paper (or rather on a blog) is another challenge.

YYZ – LIR : Arrived at Liberia airport located northwest of the capital San JosΓ©, in the province of Guanacaste, it is hot, very hot. We left in November while it was cold in Canada, temperatures approaching 32 degrees Celsius arrived in Costa Rica.

For those who have never been to this all-inclusive hotel, you will be impressed by all the services it offers. I must admit that I have never been a fan of all-inclusive, besides I have never been in one, since my travels have always been adventurous to discover the country or the region. The contrast is certainly impressive but when you have just 3 days, the all-inclusive seems to be an ideal option and actually I do not regret this trip so magical!

Why Costa Rica ?

Personally, it was the first time for me in Central America, coming from Canada, for me Central America or South America sounds exotic and folkloric. We must admit that everyday life with work, the cold weather can be the main motivations to escape a few days in the sun in a still unknown place. But also, I knew that I would have a change of scenery and a guaranteed relaxation with my faithful partner of crime, my boyfriend! A wild landscape filled with mountains, volcanoes, beautiful beaches with all kinds of water activities. Lovers of nature, it was for us a paradise on earth!

Habla espaΓ±ol ?

The Costa Ricans speak Spanish but they also do well in English, if you do not speak neither, try to make yourself understood with your hands πŸ˜‰. It’s good to live in Costa Rica, known as the country of the happiest people in the world, they live in a real nature paradise. There is no army (since 1949), the country is a world model in ecotourism, green hotels open more and more and which activities have an impact on the environment as low as possible, tremendous national parks, so they are truly connected with nature.

As the Costa Ricans say very well: Pura Vida! Which literally means pure life but it would be more like an Aloha to say hello, thank you, goodbye, you’re welcome. Pura vida! Live with love and fresh water … and a little alcohol does not hurt! Speaking of which, let’s go back to this beautiful hotel Riu Palace, when I told you that it offers a lot of services, there was even an unlimited in-room alcohol service! Amazing to see alcohols in the minibars of the rooms and they are filled up every day. We were spoiled!

What did we eat ?

In all honesty we are not the best references since we ate at the hotel itself. But I must admit that the food was delicious, as well as the cocktails and drinks! Several themed restaurants were available such as the Krystal fusion restaurant, the Japanese Tokio, the Italian L’Anfora or the Papagayo steakhouse, as well as large and generous buffets!

After dinner, shows were also available some evenings of the week, we saw one about international culture, a perfect coincidence that corresponded to us! There were artists dancing on the culture of many countries of the world, it was absolutely entertaining for us who love so much traveling!

And finally, the most memorable moment of this trip ?

My boyfriend often asks me this question. I just tell him a word that would best represent the journey to me, and he takes it as he wants … he often laughs. I would choose the word Love (ok it’s a serious word), because I think that without love of travel, love for his girlfriend / wife or boyfriend / husband, without love for others or for life, we would not enjoy nice moments and little things in life. It is a winning emotion for all, to love what we do, to love the people around us and to spread this emotion makes us feel good, as well as to others. So, the love that I received and spread during this trip was very beautiful, either it was by the pool, the pool bar, the beach, the restaurants, the show, the room, the bar, at the casino, at the sunset … in brief all these moments were outstanding with just the most important emotion in my eyes.

Carrillo beach

Coffee : If you have room in your luggage, whether in the cabin or in the cargo department, bring coffee, it is one of the best in the world. We brought some and we are enjoying it very much! Ours was from Tio Leo, close to Liberia airport where you can even take a tour of the plantation with a guide. You will find all kinds of pure coffee to your taste. In any case you will find it everywhere in the country, since the land there is rich to make the biggest coffee of the world.


Pura Vida!

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